Paul Blake Drops in to be a Guest on The Show This Week

Singer/Songwriter Paul Blake and Brick before the interview.

I’d always heard I should check out Paul Blake.  For some reason our paths hadn’t crossed.  Either we were both gigging on the same night or one of us was out of town.  I’m glad I finally met this guy.  His reach has the potential to be far and wide.

His new record “Hungover and Heartbroken” is solid as hell.  Some great songs and the performances are really great.    We had a chance to talk a bit about the process and his influences.  I think you’re going to like him.  I know I did.

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This Week – Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues


My workspace for the evening.

Corky Siegel brought his Chamber Blues project to the Under the Beams Concert Series in New Harmony, Indiana and The Song Show was there to record the festivities.

The concert kicks into gear!


I was also blessed to spend at least an hour with Corky and we chatted about just about everything under the sun.    I was also treated to a lovely private concert/rehearsal.  What an amazing weekend in New Harmony.

Corky Siegel signing my CD.

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This Week – Elli Perry

Elli Perry came to me from a friend.  K Phillips‘ manager Austin sent me the pre-release tracks for her upcoming LP “Little Thieves” and I immediately made plans to run down to Nashville to meet her.

Brick in Nashville with Elli Perry.

I loved the tracks.  There was a haunting, yet optimistic sound.  I was drawn in.  My wife even came in to ask who I was listening to.  She never does that, unless she knows it is something new from Paul Weller.   So high praise indeed.

I headed down to Nashville to conduct 5 interviews in about 6 hours.  I took trusted friend Ron Rhodes (TV Weather Guy) to keep me company and shoot some video.  We were lucky that Elli was our first interview.  Had it been downer, it would have been a long day.  Elli rose to the occasion.  She made us feel welcome and I had the best time learning about her story.  Which, by the way, you’ll need to listen to the program to hear.  But its worth the time!

Here’s a video we shot with iPhones of a wonderfully intimate performance of a song I can’t play on the air (FCC)… but I think you’ll dig it.

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The Song Show Concert Series Welcomes K Phillips!


Get your ticket here.

I am thrilled to announce that singer/songwriter K Phillips will be performing as the first FREE concert in The Song Show Concert Series Presented by the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana!

The concert will take place at The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana at 318 Main Street in Evansville, IN on March 24.  There will be a Meet and Greet at 6pm and the concert will start at 7pm sharp.

Here’s some info about K Phillips’ new LP:  “His latest album, Dirty Wonder (Rock Ridge Music), out March 10, 2017, is a breakup record that’s part autobiographical, part imagined, and part observational, chronicling a third-party breakup K witnessed firsthand. It’s a redemptive album, brimming with clever allusions, pent-up sexual tension, and loveable roguish characters. The album was produced by award-winning songwriter Gordy Quist of The Band of Heathens and features a vocal cameo from Adam Duritz from Counting Crows.”

There will be a cash bar provided.  This event will be filmed and recorded for broadcast for an upcoming special presentation of The Song Show.

The Song Show can’t thank Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana enough for their support of this exciting event.

The Song Show is made possible through the generous support of Moore Music and Rockstore.

K Phillips was a guest on episode 27 of The Song Show.


This Week on The Song Show – Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project!

Due to popular demand by those who missed this episode of the show, I’m going to re-broadcast an amazing concert by Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project this weekend.

Clowning around with Jayme Stone before his amazing concert with Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project in New Harmony, Indiana

When the good folks at Under the Beams offered up the chance to record this show, I jumped on it immediately.  I ran out and bought the recording and  I’ve been spinning the CD ever since.  And then I went to the concert and it is hands down one of my favorite live events in the last 12 months.  And you folks know I go to lots of shows.

I also had the chance to chat with Jayme Stone about the project and the music in his life.  I’m really proud of how it turned out.  Thanks to Steve Burger of WNIN for all of his help. And to Concept Sound for providing an excellent mix.

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This Week – Dan Nicklin from OldJack


Dan Nicklin tried the Bloody Mary Buffet

I finally caught up with Dan Nicklin of Boston’s fabled OldJack at the Outlaw Roadshow in Nashville. He and his band was in town for the week to blow the lid off the place as they say.  They did.

I’d met Dan last year in NYC and I knew I liked him right away.  He has a style all his own.   He actually took me hat shopping in Nashville, but i was too shy to pull the trigger on a new chapeau.


We grabbed raw-folk superstar Matt Sullivan and headed to an English Pub for breakfast.  We chose to eat outside… The rain was pouring down on the tin roof, trucks were breezing past splashing in the puddles… and we talked.  We covered a lot of ground, but mostly about music.

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